WIGS 101

OH MY!!!! Where do we start???

There is A LOT to consider when purchasing your *NEW HAIR* 

It is not an easy process and you'll need an expert...well more like a "CRAZY WIG LADY" to guide and educate you ensuring that you pick out your perfect hair

In the boutique lives a Crazy Lady!!

When you visit Awakenings boutique beware of the "Crazy Wig Lady" 

She lives here and she is obsessed with the wigs! She's always running around and loving on all of the customers!! 

She loves to dance so don't be surprised if you see her bust out a move!

Oh and be very careful...she could take your wig!!

We are here to teach you!!

Scroll down to find all the info you need to know about your "new hair"

Color Differences

Why is it Important?

It's very important to know the color differences between hair fibers. 

Otherwise you may think that you picked out your perfect hair color only to find that it is completely different color when you go to pick up your "new hair"


In this picture my friend is modeling a human hair wig in color 12FS8.

I am modeling the same color in a synthetic wig.

This is a perfect example of the color differences between hair fibers.

Human Hair is always 2 shades lighter than synthetic hair.

Wig Cap Designs

How to choose the best wig cap design

Awakenings boutique recommends 100% hand-tied caps for the reasons below!

1) Creates most natural hairline

2) Comfort

3) Fits Petite, Average and Average-Large head types.

How To Choose The Right Hair Type

Human Hair? Synthetic Hair? Synthetic HD Hair?

The most important question that we ask our beautiful customers before fitting them for "new hair" is....Do you really love to fix your hair?

If yes...then we talk about human hair wigs!!

If not...then we go the synthetic route!!

How to Measure Your Beautiful Head

One of the most important things when you are getting fitted for a wig is knowing your head measurements.

Why...well for many reasons but most importantly...If your "new hair" does not fit you then you won't wear it!

How to Put a Wig On

This takes some practice..

We can show you...we can help you...but practice makes "perfect"

How to Shampoo-Condition Human Hair Wigs

Please only use products that are meant to be used on human hair fiber! PLEASE!

How to Blow Dry Human Hair Wigs

This is a very important step to ensuring that your "human hair" wig does not frizz and looks healthy and smooth!

Don't skip this step,,,,EVER!

Human Hair Frizz Alert!!!

Frizzing is the most common problem when wearing human hair...BUT...it can be prevented and or reconditioned!

Wigs 101

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